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Hello, this is Alex. I have been compromised. Ive fallen in love with the MCU, the avengers and stucky and this blog is dedicated to relieve my angst ridden heart. You're most welcome to fangirl with me!

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all i want is the avengers trying to help steve track bucky down and being hugely unsuccessful

and then when they get into a tight spot and theyre all fighting, steve is in the middle of punching something and a couple of hydra dudes go down pap pap pap

he looks up and who it be but a mysterious black figure glinting silver perched on a nearby roof with a Dragunov who then immediately disappears

and like every single mission afterward bucky is always somewhere picking off hydra dudes who get too close to steve for his liking. tony keeps trying to close him in with strategic maneuvers and fails every time. bucky starts texting steve like “stay out of blind corners moron I can’t cover you” yet wont answer the phone when anyone tries to call the number. clint starts a betting pool. thor is like “well maybe if we offer him a little more he will join us” so finally one night they all get really drunk and draft up a contract and bruce comes up with the idea to leave it on steve’s windowsill because clearly bucky’s obsessed with him

everyone laughs but in the morning the contract is gone

two days later it’s back on the sill and it’s signed “SGT. JAMES BARNES (Bucky)” in shaky block letters. tony files it. they all wait. steve cleans all the bathrooms like 400 times bc hes so nervous

bucky shows up the next day looking like a sad trash hobo with DRUMROLL natasha who has been on his tail the entire time and managed to get him to not kill her and slowly convinced him to join the avengers also she started working some impromptu therapy on him so he’s not a total basket case he at least has a sense of self and is going by a name even though he’s still heavily traumatized and suffering from severe PTSD and DID

steve almost cries. clint starts a new betting pool, this one on how long it will take before steve and bucky start sleeping together (bruce throws in $100 and goes “today”). tony is almost drooling over the chance to get a good look at his arm. natasha rolls her eyes and just goes “take a shower barnes”

bucky goes “only if the captain comes with me” and steve’s eyes almost bug out of his head and they leave and clint practically throws the money at bruce and bruce just grins and pockets it and polishes his glasses 

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a weak and tortured bucky making sure steve gets to safety first

It’s because Bucky has a habit of letting Steve go first.


1) Always let Steve go first up the stairs, so that you can keep an eye on him.  It’s easier to count Steve’s breaths and notice when Steve’s heart does that thing that makes him stop and shake.  Much easier to stop and pretend to tie your shoes while you wait, worried, than to realize 2 flights too late that Steve’s no longer with you. 

Later: Your limbs are sore and numb from being strapped to a table for 2 days and you’re pretty sure you haven’t eaten and the entire base might be exploding, but when Steve says “let’s go up,” you tell him to go first.


2) Steve’s walk was mostly normal, though he swung his hips in a certain way to compensate for his scoliosis, and that put a special cadence to his stride that you unconsciously match. Even without Steve around you would twist your hip back before swinging your leg forward.  Twist, swing, twist, swing.

Later: Steve is leading the way through the forest, and you’re finally used to his height and broad shoulders and that dumb shield, but something still feels wrong.  Somehow your pace doesn’t quite match, and you can’t figure out why.


3) Colors don’t work the same with Steve, so always describe unfamiliar objects by their shape and relative location, like that square window past the third door on the left, or the man wearing that unseasonably long coat standing in the corner by the garbage can.

Later: The boys are singing in the other room and you’re at the bar with Steve, trying very hard to get drunk because of course you’ll follow Steve into whatever but that doesn’t mean you have to do it sober.  “Steve,” you whisper, “Check out that lady by the door, next to that short thin guy who has his shirt open.”  Steve looks over.  “The one in the red dress?  That’s Miss Carter.”  You can’t decide what surprises you more — that Steve can see red now, or that he knows her name.  So you decide you need another drink.


4) When walking down a narrow dark alleyway always stay on the right, because Steve’s bad ear makes the right side feel blind to him (though damn if Steve’d ever admit that).  On broad open streets, switch to Steve’s left side, so that Steve could hear you better through the noise.

Later: Dum-Dum gives you a weird look as you line up to charge into a Hydra base.  “Why won’t you take the left flank for a change?”  You start explaining Steve’s bad ear before you remember that he’s not that Steve any more, and that Captain America doesn’t have a bad ear.


5) Stuff in your left pockets are for Steve: the asthma cigarettes that Steve could never afford, a dime for that popcorn that Steve likes, tickets for whatever shindig you’re trying to drag Steve along to. Sometimes you put things there for Steve and totally forget about it, like extra paper and a spare pencil in case Steve wants to doodle.  The left side always belongs to Steve.

Later: Steve is awfully quiet by the campfire.  You sit down by his good ear and reach into your left pocket.  “Hey,” you say, pulling out a news clipping about the war front that featured a lovely photo of Miss Carter.  “You read this yet?  They think Morita’s a Japanese defector, but the section on Dernier is priceless.”


Still later:

Report on the Winter Soldier reset procedures

After the latest test run, only the following anomalies remain:

A) The asset tends to hug the right walls and not the left, and hesitates for 30 microseconds before climbing stairs.  However, he does not hesitate when scaling walls or ladders.

B) When walking unopposed the asset has a characteristic and identifiable stride, which is dropped when he is making a covered approach.  

C) The asset communicates via relative locations, often omitting crucial color information.  However, he can be commanded to describe the colors of any object in impressive detail.

D) When dressing himself, the asset keeps his knives exclusively on his right side, and his left pockets are underutilized.  This may be an effect of continued unfamiliarity with the new left arm.

After extensive field testing, we have determined that these anomalies do not impede the asset from completing his missions, and declare the reset process complete.


(Some habits linger, even when the person is gone.)

[basically the textual partner to the colorblindness comic] [Steve-angst sequel here, happy resolution pseudo-sequel here]

[The rest of my Captain America stuff]

[and now with colorblindness commentary]

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Mini Stucky Fic Rec- Canon Divergence Edition


Stucky fics with some sort of canon divergence (WS!Steve, Bucky doesn’t fall etc.) These are in no particular order. I will probably add more as I find more. Please note that a lot of these contain triggers, so make sure you read the warnings and author notes before reading.

A Gentle Thaw - E -20k

AU in which there was no Dr. Erskine and no serum, Steve never got the chance to go to war. The years pass and Bucky finally comes home, no longer the man Steve remembers.

A Long Winter - M - 35k (series)

In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.

In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.

In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

Our Lingering Frost (once upon a dream) - G - 7.5k

When S.H.I.E.L.D. finally locates the plane Captain America drove into the ocean, Colonel James Barnes drops everything to go bring Steve’s body home at long last. He finds more than he was expecting.

Untitled - Not Rated - 1k

Mini AU fic by boopboopbi where Steve and Bucky crash the plane together.

 the ghost and the machine- M - 13.5K 

Retelling of CA:TWS with Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier. There is an empty grave at Arlington with Steve’s name on it. It’s been there for almost seventy years. Bucky would do anything, give anything, give back every second of his borrowed time, to make things right. It should be his name on that grave; it should have been him

Darkness, like a shipwreck - M - 1.5k

[CA:TWS AU.] A year after the Hydra file leak, Steve learns about Project Winter Soldier.

Your Kind of Idiot - T - 4.5k

In which Bucky doesn’t fall from the train, Steve has company when he wakes up in the twenty-first century, and neither of them knows how to talk about their feelings unless they’re about to die.

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the winter soldier


the winter soldier




A Steve x Bucky fanbook by Voodooling & Riwox

Book details:

12p, 5.5x8.5, A collaboration fanbook of Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes.

 [I am with you]  :A collection of cute and funny 3-panel comics about the domestic life of Steve and Bucky (By Voodooling)

[Till the end of the line]: A cute bittersweet AU where Steve and Bucky own a Sandwich Shop together. (By Riwox)

We each drew half of the book, so basically you open from one end and it’s my section and you open from the other and it’s Ric’s


This is also available on Ric’s store as well!



Art by moonriot
Fic by elegantfeatherduster

A while back I threw 500 words of fic at moonriot and look what she went and did for me. (Fic below the cut.)

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You’ve already found him.